Creating communities through shopping 🛍

Our mission is to bring people together through a shared love of brands, topics and interests.


Our goal is to make it easier to connect with others who shop for the same things you do ✨

Why? Because products are more than just how they look, what they do or how much they cost. They have the power to start conversations and build lasting relationships.

We want to make Kleyo feel like you're out shopping with your friends ✌️

That’s why with Kleyo we’ve made it super-easy to share what products you're loving & equally as easy to see what your friends are eyeing up too 👀

Our team embarking on this mission 🚀

Bjion, CEO

My background is in design and marketing where I freelanced for a couple of years before working at Google over in Dublin. From day to day my job is to introduce people to Kleyo and make sure everything runs smoothly for them once they’re here!

Aaron, COO

Having previously founded a design & marketing agency with Bjion, and run my own clothing brand for the best part of five years, I now ensure Kleyo runs smoothly as a business whilst also looking after our catalogue of brand partners.

Izaac, CTO

I’ve been developing systems since before I could grow facial hair. Notable roles include running the checkout dev team at PLT. I build all the tech systems at Kleyo and help continuously improve it’s efficiency on a daily basis. I am the blockstop to chaos ⚡️

Some of our brand partners helping us on our journey

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